The Committee

James Porter Chairman

Sallie-Ann Griffiths Vice-Chairman

Vince Mott Secretary

Lewis Torr Treasurer

Nominated Members

Jane Rigby
David Brookes
Gordon Smart

Club Council Representatives

James Porter

Independant Delegates

Roger Price

Independant Observers

Roger Price

Centre Delegates

Derbyshire - Barry Thomas and John Strutt
Leicestershire - Moz Lester and Jessica Browne
Lincolnshire - Andy Eccles and Pete Sewell
Midland - Craig Silver and Martyn Reynolds
Northamptonshire & Rutland - Duncan Mitchell
Nottinghamshire - Steve Widdowson and Tracy Orchard
North Staffordshire - Mike Winks and Ann Ricketts
South Staffordshire - Steve Wragg and Jacqui Wragg
East Warwickshire - Karen Shaw and Barry Roberts
West Warwickshire - Dave Waring and John Burden